QED's RetrieverTM Remote Data Collector is a solar-powered, wireless data collection solution for landfills, remediation projects, and other sites.

The Retriever is not just hardware, but an entire data delivery system that provides what you really need: dependable reporting of well level, pump flow and other data, clearly charted and displayed and securely archived.

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Take a tour of Retriever, the first truly simple Water-to-Web Remote Data Collector, to learn how easy-to-use and efficient the Retriever is and how it can help you save time and money.

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Retriever Advantages:
• Lower-cost site data collection than by manual methods.

• Easier and faster to order than other remote data products - no component evaluation or system design required; in operation two days after ordering.

• Easy to install - complete, stand-alone all-weather package, solar-powered, with wireless communication - no utility connections required.
• Easy to use - no special software or training, no programming, no setup of local network or cell phone account.

• Web site data presentation provides easy reviewing, charting and reporting of your data, accessible from any computer.

• Retriever's internet platform and ease of use eliminate the continuity-of-service risks and restricted access common to custom remote data projects.

Updated on: Wednesday, June 24, 2015