RetrieverTM Case Studies

QED's Retriever is a remote data collection product and service providing web-accessible data, such as flow rates, water levels, well pressure or vacuum, and weather conditions, to improve site management and lower O&M costs for landfills, groundwater monitoring sites, and soil and groundwater remediation projects.

Check out the following case study summaries to see how Retriever systems are improving remote data collection and saving time and money in applications like yours.

Florida Landfill Site
A blackout shut down the leachate pumps but didn’t stop the solar-powered Retriever system from collecting and reporting its data every day on schedule.

Rocky Mountain Mine Remediation Site
Two Retriever units at the remote, inhospitable site record the solar pump's flow rate and the pond water level.

California Landfill Site
21 Retriever units track leachate pump flow and level measurements, making environmental compliance easier to achieve and protecting against the possibility of Notices of Violation.

Midwest Quarry Landfill Site
Eight Retriever modules (5 multiwell, 2 single well and 1 measuring pond level) are being used to collect daily and hourly aquifer level data to provide a detailed picture for site management purposes.

Military Site Solvent Cleanup
Five Retriever modules record measurements of circulation system flow rates and pressure drop across the filters, a key factor in scheduling filter maintenance.